Speed Week Spartanburg, SC - In the thick of it

What a blast! Race the Cat 4 and was al over the course catching video of the pro men's and women's. 

Starting with the Cat 4 race, see the video of the last 8ish laps.  The numbers speak for themselves. it was a super strong group.  Made several amateur mistakes and did not take advantage of an key opportunity.  I put in a strong attack at one point, had someone make the gap and thought to work with them but by the watts, we made it easy for the field to catch up - I should have kept going.  Then on the last lap before turn 3 I totally had an opening.  I'm always the guy leading out the field so lately I have been holding back.  In this case with that opening and such a narrow stretch, I should have hammered and shut down any attempts to pass.  I always so thought, just being there I already won!      


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Cat 4 footage
Footage of Men's and Women's 
This is filmed at speed - no edit!
Written by Richard Ferraro