In developing Muscle Budr, we researched and tested countless raw ingredients and products on the market both chemical-based, as well as naturally derived, each with different modes of action.  Our conclusion was that time tested, natural botanicals such as Arnica and Comfrey and an array of essential oils had very compelling clinical data supporting the reduction of muscle pain and inflammation, this was athlete tested and verified.  These natural ingredients also address what we call secondary forms of training stress, the other types of physical stress we feel after activity such as backache, joint and tendon pain, stiffness, cramping and muscle spasms, and even nerve pain. 

User Feedback

One advantage of sponsoring many elite athletes is the direct feedback we get when developing products.  We also surveyed a significant data set of customers, training buddies, and local clubs.  The feedback on Muscle Budr was consistent, with a significant number indicating:   

There are countless metrics we considered when ranking Muscle Budr’s performance, the most compelling was first hand feedback when we asked a simple multiple-choice question.

The results clearly showed several key performance differences:

  • 20% were using recovery products that were only Slightly Effective. That’s basically saying it’s better than nothing
  • None fell into this category with Muscle Budr
  • More than 2x tested ranked Muscle Budr Highly Effective

Mode of Action

The base of all Muscle Budr products consists of rich, carrier oils which are infused with Arnica and Comfrey.  Arnica and Comfrey were specifically selected for their natural active ingredients which address pain and inflammation and have been frequently cited in medical journals as well as noted healthcare institutes like the Sloan Kettering Institute.  For example, Helenalin, a key active ingredient in Arnica, helps block symptoms very early on at the cellular level.  NF-kappaB (NF-kB) proteins comprise a family of elements that are involved in the control of cellular processes, such as inflammatory response.  Research indicates that Helenalin blocks the signal pathways & cascade of biological processes that would ultimately trigger pain and inflammation.  Allantoin, a key ingredient in Comfrey, is noted for cell repair and regeneration in wound healing applications.

Our Formula

We have developed a proprietary infusion process that achieves maximum extraction of these ingredients without denaturing their effectiveness.  Our base formula is 6 times more concentrated than typical off-the-shelf Arnica and Comfrey based topical muscle recovery products.  In addition, we add an array of essential oils that are known for addressing secondary forms of training stress as well as address specific applications. 

For example in our Simmer Down formula also contains:

  • Camphor: noted to address pain and inflammation but is specifically noted in peer reviewed publications such as the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine as a direct topical ingredient for immediate relief of back pain
  • Eucalyptus: known to reduce joint pain and osteoarthritis
  • Cypress, Cedarwood Atlas, and Sandalwood: known for their antispasmodic, and anti-cramping benefit
  • Lavender: well known to destress, and help improve sleep

Lastly, we combine additional infused and essential oils for fragrance as well as specific applications; energize, ground, or de-stress.

For detailed information on all our recovery products, ingredients, and specific applications, visit our products page Here

Mode of Action and Comparisons

As noted above Muscle Budr works at the cellular level to prevent the stress signals cells send which then summons white blood cells and blood flow to the area, this leads to inflammation.  Plus, Muscle Budr has additional ingredients to address secondary forms of training stress as mentioned above.

In comparison, other recovery products have different modes of action rendering them less effective than Muscle Budr based on user feedback.

CBD topicals:  Cannabidiol (CBD) based topicals propose that CBD enters into the blood stream (through skin and tissue layer) to influence the complicated endocannabinoid system (ECS) throughout the body, including the brain, to ultimately influence inflammatory response.  The basic analogy would be a topical aspirin cream to stop headaches, we’re not buying it and neither did those surveyed.  Virtually none surveyed consistently use CBD topicals specifically for muscle recovery, and nearly all those that did ranked CBD Slightly Effective.

Lactic blocking topicals:   There is science to this category.  When muscles work, they consume oxygen and energy (glucose) producing byproducts including lactate after some intermediates.  These topicals all have some base component (i.e., sodium bicarbonate) which act to neutralize lactic acid.  Again, this requires the lotion to penetrate the skin deeply to the muscle fiber and may require ample pre-application time.  Also, these products do not address secondary forms of training stress, and they are packed with chemicals.  Muscle Budr has equal or higher performance (based on those surveyed) and is 100% natural. 

We suggest our Light it Up formula for pre-workouts.  The capsaicin in the infused cayenne oil plus black pepper extract act to “distract” or desensitize the nerves as to reduce the feeling of lactic burn – naturally.     

Use and Self-care

We recommend applying enough product to a specific area to last 5-10 minutes while rubbing before nearly completely absorbing.  Frequency is always person specific but at least one application should be done within 1hr of working out (for post applications), 10 minutes before for pre-workout applications.  Most people cover a considerable portion of their body right after workouts, like entire legs, then a smaller amount in the morning the next day in targeted areas that persistently cause pain.    

The concentrations used are much higher than aromatherapy and are considered therapeutic grade, Muscle Budr should only be used by adults.     

Some other Muscle Budr hacks are foot massage after running, long hikes, shopping or just running around the city.  Bring Muscle Budr to your next massage appointment and your therapist is going to rave about the quality of the oils we use.  We use the highest quality apricot and jojoba in our massage oils and the salves are packed with mango and shea butter.