Static and Kinetic Friction, Viscosity, Water Adsorption - You don't need to worry about these things because we do.  In developing UNDRBUDR Anti-Chafe Chamois Cream, we started with establishing baseline performance metrics, a first for any chamois cream.  Why not, we measure and compare everything in cycling?  Very quickly, it became apparent that static and kinetic friction as well as moisture capacity were key parameters for us to benchmark.  Friction coefficients are indicators of potential abrasion and heat generation, local hot spots, that are associated with chafing.  Moisture capacity is a measurement of how much moisture can be added without a significant change in the cream's performance. 
If you don't measure it, you can't improve it
We then sourced natural, people friendly ingredients that are great at conditioning the skin, managing moisture and increasing glide (reducing friction).  We tested countless formulations both in our lab as well as real world with our test team of men and women, elites racers to weekend warriors.

What did we conclude? UNDRBUDR Rocks!  Based on an ASTM standard test method, UNDRBUDR Anti-Chafe had the lowest kinetic friction of all those tested, and was 30% lower than the average of 3 leading brands.   

30% lower friction will not make you 30% faster, but it does offer the best chafing prevention possible and may make you feel 30% more awesome!


UNDRBUDR is also excellent at managing sweat and moisture.  Oil, synthetic and waxed based products try to create a moisture barrier on the skin.  Our natural ingredients work with moisture to increase glide and reduce friction.  UNDRBUDR can handle 2X more sweat and moisture before significant change in performance.
Did you know your bike kit can absorb up to 200ml (7oz) more water on harder rides, particularly on the indoor trainer?  While other formulations break down in these conditions, UNDRBUDR becomes amazingly slick without feeling greasy.