This was definitely one of my top races and a “must race” for anyone who likes punchy climbs again, and again, and again.  It was a combined field of 35 and 45+, similar to the Pro races, the field fragmented by the first few laps in our case getting down to 7 or so in the break which later came down to 4.  People who know what they are talking about say you need to animate the race.  I went in with a definite plan this time, to keep on constant pressure and at 4 laps out really hammer the climbs to wear out any sprinters.  I also knew the final move really started on the lap 2 to go last climb where we would shake off any final few and get into a good position.  I came in 4th overall and 2nd in the 45+ Cats 1-4.

The Pro races were very similar, the women’s top 8 were defined already by the 6th lap, the men’s almost seemed similar but was brought back roughly ¾ into the race before the final blow up with L39ION taking the win in the women’s and Best Buddies for the men’s. 

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Cat 1-4 45+ footage
Short Videos of Pro Men's and Women's





Written by Richard Ferraro

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