A lap in Prospect Park in the Lucarelli and Castaldi Series Cat 3/4
Choppy, sketchy and always a full field sums up a Lucarelli and Castaldi race in Prospect Park.  Video of Lap 6 CAT 3/4, it was "civil" for most of the race. I sat in until this lap (lap 6 of 9 30mi) and started to push with a few guys on the climbs to wear down the field. Came in 8th overall.
New Garmin seems to have some issues with L/R power meters so some dropping out.  Although the GoPro360 makes awesome video, the battery is hopeless so I couldn't record the last few laps which ended in 1st & 2nd getting a few second gap and a ~10 man sprint I was in before the full field.  
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Written by Richard Ferraro