UNDRBUDR Launches New ULTRABUDR Product Line and Shifts Toward More Sustainable Packaging

  • Launches new line of consumer-focused, athletic massage oil product family
  • Introduces limited “Summer Edition” massage oil
  • Introduces more sustainable packaging

Press Release

 July 10, 2023 - Montclair NJ - UNDRBUDR, LLC, developer of high performance, natural derived skincare, and topical muscle performance products, today announced the launch of a new product line ULTRABUDR, and a shift toward more sustainable packaging.  The launch was debuted by a limited “Summer Edition”, herbal infused massage oil designed with packaging intended to reduce carbon footprint. 

UNDRBUDR CEO, Rich Ferraro explained, “Our simple tagline; “Always On”, reflects both our clients’ lifestyle and how athletes use our products before, during, and after activity to perform and feel their best.  The ULTRABUDR family of products will introduce more ways for elite athletes and everyday active people alike to incorporated selfcare and recovery into their daily routine”.

 The recently launched massage oil builds on the already successful line of muscle rub products previously launched in 2021, which has been ranked 2x more effective by over 200 athletes surveyed by UNDRBUDR.  “The data supporting the benefits of Arnica for pain & inflammation, and comfrey, containing allantoin for repair, are indisputable.  However, what we found was the off-the-shelf, highly diluted, arnica & comfrey extract most producers use just doesn’t cut it.  We decided to start with direct-sourced, fresh cut arnica and comfrey and extract their beneficial ingredients using our own proprietary process for maximum concentration without denaturing”, Ferraro explained.

Sustainable packaging has become one of the hottest topics at industry trade shows and is now becoming an important factor in consumer buying decisions, and for good reason.  Rich Ferraro expanded how UNDRBUDR is taking this into consideration. “We have established a long-term transition plan to fully sustainable packaging over the coming years.  This new launch is just the first step but already represents a huge improvement by packaging in larger volumes to reduce the overall number of units shipped per year, using more readily recyclable resins, and using less packaging overall.”

All UNDRBUDR products, including the new ULTRABUDR family, is available on their online shop and common ecommerce platforms like Amazon.     

Written by Richard Ferraro

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