1st Lap on the 2022 Sea Otter Laguna Seca Course
Never too old to have fun.  Rich Ferraro, CEO and all things UNDRBUDR enjoys an inaugural lap on this famous course.  We like to stay close to the action to get first hand feedback from racers as they try out all our products for protection and muscle recovery.  This race was a combined field; open Cat 3/4, 40+ 4, and Collegiate.  Don't be fooled by the first lap, eventually my break away turned into a 7 man break where I came in 2nd  
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1st Lap at Leguna Seca at the 2022 Sea Otter Classic (40+ Cat 4) from UNDRBUDR on Vimeo.

What an amazing week, just happy being there let alone being up on the podium stage!  Over 13k steps per day, 4 days of tent duty, a Crit and also placed 2nd in the same category 40mi + 3k' RR, you know I needed Muscle Budr to get me through the week. 


Written by Richard Ferraro