Light it Up Massage Oil + Simmer Down Salve Combo (A $75 Value)

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Light it Up Massage Oil: An energizing, pre-activity herbal infusion.  Contains 100% pure cayenne infused oil & black pepper extract to energize and increase circulation naturally, without chemicals.  Perfect for waking up muscles before activity.  A bright, citrus aroma awakens the senses.  The massage oil version is great for covering larger areas and massage therapy.

Simmer Down Salve: A soothing herbal infusion to destress, repair and recover post activity.  Rather than chemical menthol, we use the good stuff – pure, concentrated peppermint, plus essential oils for natural relaxation.  The salve version is great for targeted areas and is also handy when traveling.

  • Ranked 2x more effective than other topical muscle recovery brands by athletes
  • 6x concentrated arnica and comfrey for pain & inflammation and to promote repair & recovery
  • Supports 5 functions to help you feel your best; Reduced inflammation, easing of general pain, relaxing muscles, relieving joint, tendon, and muscle soreness, reduced cramping, spasms, and nerve pain
  • Carefully selected oils and butters feel luxurious and maximize transdermal penetration of key ingredients
  • Fast-acting, 100% natural muscle repair and recovery
  • Each gift set comes in a limited edition holiday box ready to gift and include one free “everything bag” for footwear, a change of clothes, whatever