Hilltop Bicycles Racing and UNDRBUDR have teamed to create a virtual training series to make this your best year yet.  Take the guesswork out of training with a structured program combining on the bike sessions with off the bike workshops.  Designed for any level cyclist, taking advantage of Zwift group ride features to ride together during training sessions, then we take the training wheels off on select rides for some friendly competition.  The schedule includes several virtual guest speaker instructions and workshops each week covering critical off-the-bike topics to maximize gains, all will be available on-demand.  Expect a fun, learning, and motivational experience with plenty of flexibility built in to accommodate your busy life.


·  Structured training rides day and night throughout the week

· Category specific group rides on weekends to test your progress

· 8 expert led Zoom workshops planned, with more to come

· Exclusive product and shop discounts to be announced shortly

·  Prizes, we're talking really good prizes

· Train with friends, make new friends, and be ready for spring



100 registrants maximum, spots will sell out quickly!  Rates go up 1/20


Led by Experts:

Structured training and group ride sessions will be led by members of Hilltop Bicycle Racing, staff and close partners, the same people running group rides outside during peak season.  With the benefits of a controlled environment, you can focus on instructions, intervals, and planned efforts without the distraction of traffic lights, cars, animals, and everything else.  We’ve structured a program using our favorite training hacks from personal experience and working elite athletes applied to any level cyclists.  Using Zwift group ride features, and proven methodology such as watts/kg tracking, you will see improvements regardless of your current ability.      


Cycling Specific Experts

Elite athletes have access to an entire team helping to improve performance while off the bike, why shouldn’t you? We’ve partnered with cycling specific instructors, personal trainers, physical therapists, and nutritionists to offer workshops and lectures throughout the program.  Topics planned:

  • “Drive Train Maintenance”, mobility and core stability work to improve performance on the bike (Led by cycling specific yoga/pilates instructors)
  • “Warm up & Post Ride Protocols” for peak performance and faster recovery (Led by certified physical therapist)
  • Tools & Props for Manual Massage Therapy with instruction (Led by certified physical therapist)
  • Cycling Specific strength training with minimal equipment (Led by certified personal trainer and elite level race team captain)
  • “Plan for Recovery” Flexibility work and injury prevention (Led by certified physical therapist)
  • “Identifying Bike Fit Issues”, bike fitting 101 and identifying issues (Led by expert bike fitter)
  • Fueling before and while on the Bike
  • Product specify overviews led by industry experts